McGibboney Tops Wild Mod Main at Devil's Bowl

Racing Saturday night, April 26 will be Super Sprints, USA Modifieds, Late Models and Street Stocks. 


The Championship Sprints will start racing in May. These cars will look the same as the Super Sprints, but will use a 2bbl carb rather than fuel injectors.


Saturday May 3, will be free admission for residents of Mesquite, Sunnyvale, Forney and Terrell with proof of residence.

Mesquite, TX (Apr 19) – The USA modified feature came down to a few inches as Richard McGibboney held off a hard charging Tom Lorenz for victory Saturday night at Devil’s Bowl Speedway. Jimmy Goodwin topped the late model main, with Mike Walls leading the street stocks. Danny Jennings easily claimed the super sprint victory.

.Danny Jennings won the Super Sprint feature at Devil's Bowl Saturday night..

Jennings made his first trip to Devil’s Bowl this season worth the journey, leading almost every lap all night when the super sprints were on the track in his Bishop Racing Components / Goodyear Tire Nr. 61J. Kevin Rowland led the opening lap of the super sprint feature, but surrendered the lead to Jennings on the next circuit. Rowland slipped high in turn two on the third lap, allowing Justin Spoerl to take second in the Nr. 6. Rowland finished third in the Southwest Performance Engines Nr. 4, followed by Kurt Summers in the Soulman’s Barbeeque / Johnny Suggs Racing Chassis Nr. 99. Shannon Thornton was fifth in his Nr. 92 while Troy Bontrager in the Grice Machine Nr. 10T was sixth.

Richard McGibboney (r) celebrates a hard fought USA Modified victory with his son Jeff (l) and one of his fans - Scott

The USA modifieds were determined to put on the best demolition derby seen in the area in several years when their 15-lap feature started. At least five cautions eliminated four cars, damaged several and scrambled the lineup several times before a lap was completed under the green flag. But the yellow flew again a laps later. Two more yellow flags, four more cars in the pits for the night, and the field was reduced to 12 cars before the race finally got started. Richard McGibboney had avoided most of the crashes and was out front in the Baber’s Garage / Red’s Meat Company Nr. 19. Right behind him were Tom Lorenz in the Smiley’s Racing Nr. 84 and last week’s winner Ronnie Carty in the Southwest Engines / Speciality Automotive Nr. 71. The three put on a show for the final dozen caution free laps.

McGibboney held the top spot, but his lead was never more than three car lengths as Lorenz and Carty traded the runner-up spot a couple times. Lorenz finally claimed the position by the tenth lap, but Carty was still right behind him. They closed up and the race became three wide for the lead as the white flag flew. On the final lap Lorenz got a good run off turn two on the inside. Carty was blocked and had to follow inches behind the lead duo. McGibboney was high as he entered turn three side by side with Lorenz. They charged through the final turn, but Lorenz had to pinch his car down to avoid sliding into McGibboney as they exited turn four. That was all McGibboney needed as he took the win by a bumper. Carty was third with Aaron Morey in the Troy’s Used Cars / M&M Engines Nr. 17X taking fourth. Fifth was Dale Wester in the Jimmy Allard Machine & Supply / T - N - T Truck Parts Nr. 12. Morey was 20th on the original start, and earned the Timber Wolf Hard Charger Award by improving his position 16 spots in the feature.

Carty won the B main while Rick McCommas in the B&H Painting / Duckworth Asphalt Nr. 39, Rowdy Starnes in the Starnes Trucking / Cain’s Engines Nr. 50X and Johnny Dunn, Jr. in the Smiley’s Racing Nr. 99 won the heat races. McCommas won the trophy dash.

Jimmy  Goodwin claimed the late model win at Devil's Bowl Saturday..

Last week Jimmy Goodwin could not get the RC Drywall / M&M Machine Nr. 12 to run in a straight line in his heat race. They worked on the car and the handling got better in the feature, but was still not very good. Long nights in the shop this past week paid off Saturday when Jimmy was able to put the car anywhere he wanted on the Devil’s Bowl half-mile oval. Moving up to the pole after Cameron Wilson was unable to start the feature, Goodwin had to battle Britt Ables in the Ables auto / Troy’s Used Cars Nr. 51 for the opening laps. On the third trip around the clay oval, Goodwin took the lead, closely followed by defending Devil’s Bowl late model champion Skip O’Neal in the Barnsco Construction / Urban Fire Protection Nr. 8.

Behind them the excitement was building. Michael Coleman was fast in his Welsh Racing / KMD Racing D-Cals Nr. 5A. Unfortunately he went too hot into turn one on the third lap and spun. By the time he got the car going again, he was a lap down. A yellow for debris on the track bunched the field, and a crash on the restart kept the race track wreckers busy. On the next restart Darren Ellis jumped the start, and when Wayman McMillan moved to avoid Ellis, McMillan’s P&W Sales / Manifold Systems Nr. 14 hit Tom Lorenz in the Smiley’s Racing Nr. 84, spinning both cars. Ellis was docked two positions for jumping the restart.

When the race finally got going, Goodwin had a battle on his hands with O’Neal trying to take the top spot. Coleman was right with the leaders, hoping to get past, and if another caution flew, he would be right back in the race for the lead. O’Neal got arun on the 10th lap and took the lead on the back straight. Goodwin stayed with him, and on the 12th lap reclaimed the lead. Coleman also got past O’Neal. Goodwin charged to the checkered flag. O’Neal was second with Lorenz coming back for third. Coleman was fourth with Britt Ables taking fifth in the final rundown. O’Neal and McMillian won the heat races.

.Mike Walls (r) and crew member Josh after winning Saturday's street stock feature.

The street stock class had it all Saturday night, vindication, triumph, heartbreak and excitement. The only thing missing was controversy. Mike Walls won the feature, handily in the WhiteStar Trailers / Garcia Lawn Care Nr. 10. Joe Crowder led the opening lap in the Grubbs Motorsports / Candle Art by KC Nr. 72, but Walls was too fast. He took the lead on the second lap and never looked back in the caution free feature. Frank Shafer came from the fifth row in the Automotive Machine Shop of Jacksonville / B.L. & Flat Broke Racing / Carbs of Texas Nr. 84 to take second place on the fourth lap. Michael Murphy in the Valvoline Nr. 21 took third on the fifth circuit.

Walls continued to lead, actually dominate, the race, Shafer and Murphy ran strong clean runs to the checkered flag. Walls got the victory denied by a cut tire last week. Shafer took the points lead by virtue of consecutive second place finishes. After transmission problems last week and trouble in his heat race, Murphy was thrilled to finish a race, and third was not a bad place to finish. Walter Dorsett followed up his third place last week with fourth this week, moving to second in points in his Nikon Dallas / Home Care Supply Nr. 31. George Parrish had his second straight fifth place finish in the Jeanie’s Auto Parts / Parrish Racing Nr. 49. Dorsett and Walls won the heat races. Defending champion and last week’s winner Travis Pace exited his heat with a huge cloud of white smoke coming out from under his car, and for the second straight week Johnny Philpot could not get the Nr. 12 to fire for the feature.

Story by Reggie Fields, Photos by Linda Fields

Devil’s Bowl Speedway – Race Results – Sat, April 19, 2003

SUPER SPRINTS - Heat 1: 1. #61J, Danny Jennings, Norman, Okla.; 2. #4, Kevin Rowland, Cedar Hill; 3. #6, Justin Spoerl, Mesquite; 4. #99, Kurt Summers, Mesquite; 5. #10T, Troy Bontrager, Wylie

Heat 2: 1. #61J, Danny Jennings, Norman, Okla.; 2. #4, Kevin Rowland, Cedar Hill; 3. #6, Justin Spoerl, Mesquite; 4. #99, Kurt Summers, Mesquite; 5. #92, Shannon Thornton, Wylie; 6. #10T, Troy Bontrager, Wylie

A FEATURE: 1. #61J, Danny Jennings, Norman, Okla.; 2. #6, Justin Spoerl, Mesquite; 3. #4, Kevin Rowland, Cedar Hill; 4. #99, Kurt Summers, Mesquite; 5. #92, Shannon Thornton, Wylie; 6. #10T, Troy Bontrager, Wylie

USA MODIFIEDS - Heat 1: 1. #39, Rick McCommas, Balch Springs; 2. #88, Clyde Dunn, Jr., Sunnyvale; 3. #34, Richard Miller, Terrell; 4. #12, Dale Wester, Ovilla; 5. #17, Charles Lasater, Garland; 6. #71, Ronnie Carty, DeSoto; 7. #23, Gary Lowe, Red Oak; 8. #18, Frank Rose, Mesquite; 9. #12C, Chuck Hooks, Mesquite; 10. #98, Marc Madison, Tioga

Heat 2: 1. #50X, Rowdy Starnes, McKinney; 2. #15, Chris Locke, Mesquite; 3. #4, Tracy Adams, Rowlett; 4. #19, Richard McGibboney, Dallas; 5. #84, Tom Lorenz, Balch Springs; 6. #6P, Jerry Cowart, Mesquite; 7. #50D, David Gailley, Mesquite; 8. #90, Johnny Hitt, Kaufman; 9. #21, Russell Shoulders, Forney

Heat 3: 1. #99, Johnny Dunn, Jr., Sunnyvale; 2. #50, Steve Sickels, Rowlett; 3. #K2, Kevin DeLashaw, Hendrix, Okla.; 4. #27, Tony Batt, Princeton; 5. #34, Jay Miller, Terrell; 6. #17X, Aaron Morey, Dallas; 7. #77, Randy Kirkland, Mesquite; 8. #5, Billy Fronterhouse, Wylie; 9. #16, Clarence Greer, Mesquite

Trophy Dash: 1. #39, Rick McCommas, Balch Springs; 2. #50X, Rowdy Starnes, McKinney; 3. #88, Clyde Dunn, Jr., Sunnyvale; 4. #99, Johnny Dunn, Jr., Sunnyvale; 5. #15, Chris Locke, Mesquite; DNS - #50, Steve Sickels, Rowlett

B Main: 1. #71, Ronnie Carty, DeSoto; 2. #90, Johnny Hitt, Kaufman; 3. #18, Frank Rose, Mesquite; 4. #23, Gary Lowe, Red Oak; 5. #17X, Aaron Morey, Dallas; 6. #6P, Jerry Cowart, Mesquite; 7. #12C, Chuck Hooks, Mesquite; 8. #5, Billy Fronterhouse, Wylie; 9. #50D, David Gailley, Mesquite; DNS - #77, Randy Kirkland, Mesquite; DNS - #98, Marc Madison, Tioga; DNS - #12, Russell Shoulders, Forney; DNS - #16, Clarence Greer, Mesquite

A FEATURE: 1. #19, Richard McGibboney, Dallas; 2. #84, Tom Lorenz, Balch Springs; 3. #71, Ronnie Carty, DeSoto; 4. #17X, Aaron Morey, Dallas; 5. #12, Dale Wester, Ovilla; 6. #17, Charles Lasater, Garland; 7. #88, Clyde Dunn, Jr., Sunnyvale; 8. #18, Frank Rose, Mesquite; 9. #23, Gary Lowe, Red Oak; 10. #34, Jay Miller, Terrell; 11. #1X, Richard Miller, Terrell; 12. #50, Steve Sickels, Rowlett; 13. #27, Tony Batt, Princeton; 14. #K2, Kevin DeLashaw, Hendrix,

Okla.; 15. #50X, Rowdy Starnes, McKinney; 16. #15, Chris Locke, Mesquite; 17. #39, Rick McCommas, Balch Springs; 18. #99, Johnny Dunn, Jr., Sunnyvale; 19. #4, Tracy Adams, Rowlett; 20. #90, Johnny Hitt, Kaufman

LATE MODELS - Heat 1: 1. #8, Skip O'Neal, Midlothian; 2. #5A, Michael Coleman, Tyler; 3. #84, Tom Lorenz, Balch Springs; 4. #12, Jimmy Goodwin, Garland; 5. #44, Cameron Wilson, Gainesville; DNS - #77, Ronnie Welborn, Princeton

Heat 2: 1. #14, Wayman McMillan, Gladewater; 2. #23, Darren Ellis, Quinlan; 3. #ZZ, Sloppy Hogg, Arlington; 4. #1, Cheyney Hopkins, Combine; 5. #51, Britt Ables, Wylie; 6. #19, Jeff McGibboney, Dallas

A FEATURE: 1. #12, Jimmy Goodwin, Garland; 2. #8, Skip O'Neal, Midlothian; 3. #84, Tom Lorenz, Balch Springs; 4. #5A, Michael Coleman, Tyler; 5. #51, Britt Ables, Wylie; 6. #23, Darren Ellis, Quinlan; 7. #14, Wayman McMillan, Gladewater; 8. #ZZ, Sloppy Hogg, Arlington; 9. #19, Jeff McGibboney, Dallas; 10. #77, Ronnie Welborn, Princeton; 11. #1, Cheyney Hopkins, Combine; DNS - #44, Cameron Wilson, Gainesville

STREET STOCKS - Heat 1: 1. #31, Walter Dorsett, Royse City; 2. #12, Johnny Philpot, Sunnyvale; 3. #66, Keith Ross, Mesquite; 4. #17, Travis Pace, Mesquite; 5. #30, Shayne Gatlin, Mesquite; 6. #42, Gayla Jones, Mesquite; DNS - #00X, Michael Grubbs, Sachse

Heat 2: 1. #10, Mike Walls, Flower Mound; 2. #84, Frank Shafer, Balch Springs; 3. #72, Joe Crowder, Garland; 4. #8, Mark Ross, Royse City; 5. #49, George Parrish, Terrell; 6. #21, Michael Murphy, Ferris

A FEATURE: 1. #10, Mike Walls, Flower Mound; 2. #84, Frank Shafer, Balch Springs; 3. #21, Michael Murphy, Ferris; 4. #31, Walter Dorsett, Royse City; 5. #49, George Parrish, Terrell; 6. #66, Keith Ross, Mesquite; 7. #8, Mark Ross, Royse City; 8. #72, Joe Crowder, Garland; 9. #42, Gayla Jones, Mesquite; 10. #30, Shayne Gatlin, Mesquite; DNS - #12, Johnny Philpot, Sunnyvale; DNS - #17, Travis Pace, Mesquite; DNS - #00X, Michael Grubbs, Sachse




Mike Walls is making the most of his opportunity to drive the Nr 10 WhiteStar Trailers / Garcia's Lawn Care / Walls Racing car of Trandel White. However, Trandel is talking about possibly being back in the car in a few weeks. After all the heart bypass surgery last winter, maybe Trandel should have a plumber as a sponsor? 


Michael Coleman was fast in his Welsh Racing / KMD Racing D-Cals / CEC Trucking Nr. 5A. An early spin put him a lap down, but he ran with the leaders the entire feature.

Rick McCommas can't seem to find any good luck. Last weeks crashes forced replacemetn of several body panels and a rear clip on his  Jimmy Allard Racing Engines / B&H Painting / Duckworth Asphalt / Texas Voice & Data / Nabors Demolition sponsored Nr. 39. This Saturday, he won his heat and the trophy dash, putting him in position to win the sweep bonus if he could win the feature. The first crash collected McCommas and he pulled in to end his night.


A great start to the season ended in Travis Pace's heat race when he pulled the Gary's Machine Shop / Schramm's Ammo & Weapons / Action Speed Products / Custom T-Shirts / Daltex Rentals Nr. 17 into the pits. A huge cloud of white smoke signaled the end of his night.