Local Superstars vs. The Lucas Oil Sprint Car Series

The Champions - Become the Contenders

MESQUITE, Tx. (March 15th, 2017) – The Local Champions of the DFW area, become the challengers heading into Spring Nationals 44. Devil’s Bowl Speedway Champions like: Martin Edwards, Logan Payne, and the most-recent Dalton Stevens; head into this weekend as the “outsiders” to the drivers on the Lucas Oil American Sprint Car Series.

               Martin Edwards (2015 Track Champion) and Logan Payne (2013 Track Champion) both have previous ASCS experience, with each having flashes of success. On the other hand, this weekend will mark the debut for the Defending (2016) Devil’s Bowl Track Champion, 21-Year Old Dalton Stevens. The “Scurry Superstar” has displayed some amazing talent behind the wheel over the last two seasons. Winning on both the half-mile of the Devil’s Bowl and the quarter-mile of the RPM Speedway in Crandall. In 2016, Stevens picked up 4 total victories, and two “big” events along the way. Stevens won the IMCA RaceSaver Sprint Car portion of the 2016 Spring Nationals Event, then went on to claim the $2,000 pay day during the Devil’s Bowl Sprint Car Nationals on July 4th weekend.

               Stevens did compete in 360ci Sprint Car competition in 2016, racing against the “big motors” with his 305ci motor. Stevens rallied from the back of the field, to score an impressive 4th place finish, against vehicles with more than a 200 horsepower advantage. Stevens now rolls into 2017 with a 360ci motor under the hood, when his team owner/father Dale Stevens was asked about the new power plant, Dale Stevens said, “It is a better situation to have a 360 under the hood of the car, but at the same time it isn’t a big $40,000 motor like some of these other guys have. We still are probably out horse-powered by the National guys about 60-80 horses, and on a big track like Devil’s Bowl, that can make a big difference. Luckily we have a good wheel man, and hopefully the track can slick off, and we can out drive some of these guys”.

               Dalton Stevens may enjoy having a shorter Devil’s Bowl to race on, as changes have been made to the Historical Half-Mile of Mesquite. The outside line of the “New Bowl”, still hosts a 1/2 mile distance, but the inside groove is now below a 3/8 mile distance; this in hopes to provide a line, that allows someone with “not so much of a big horse”, the ability to drive their way to the front. The inside line at the Devil’s Bowl, is a line that Stevens is known to run, and run well. It will be interesting to see what Stevens does, in his Lucas Oil American Sprint Car Series debut. As the local Devil’s Bowl superstars, like himself, Edwards, and Payne, go up against the National talent of the Lucas Oil American Sprint Car Series.

All of this and more, will be occurring this Friday and Saturday night, March 17th & 18th, at the Devil’s Bowl Speedway. For tickets and more information, give us a call at (972) 222-2421, or to keep up with breaking news, like our Facebook page at: www.facebook.com/DevilsBowl - you can also follow us on Twitter @DBSpeedway. For additional information on the National talent from the Lucas Oil American Sprint Car Series, visit - www.ASCSracing.com